Ventilation with risk quotient (RQ) benzene non-carcinogen in the shoes home industry of Romokalisari, Surabaya

Ratna Ayu Harsetianingrum, Abdul Rohim Tualeka

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The objectives of this study were to identify the presence of ventilation, Risk Quotient (RQ) of benzene non-carcinogen and the relationship between them in the shoes home industry of Romokalisari, Surabaya. Type of study was observational, cross sectional analytics with 10 workers as total population. Data analysis was using cross tabulation to know the frequency of ventilation and Risk Quotient (RQ), that obtained from the value of Intake benzene non karsinogen (Ink), benzene concentration in work environment (C), inhalation rate (R), length of work/day (tE), working frequency/year (fE), duration of work (Dt), worker's weight (Wb) and average time period (tavg). Analysis relationship between ventilation with Risk Quotient (RQ) of benzene non carcinogen was using Chi-Square Test and Prevalence Risk (PR). The results obtained most of the workplace were not ventilated (9 places (90%)). Concentrations of benzene in the environment 0.04 mg/m3-2.91 mg/m3. Inhalation rate (R) 0.5 m3/hr-0.7 m3/hr. Length of work per day (tE) 8 hours/day-15 hours/day. Frequency of work per year (fE) 312 days/year-365 days/year. Duration of work (Dt) 14 years-43 years. Weight of worker (Wb) in 8 people (80%) ≤70 Kg. RfC benzene 0.03 mg/m3. Risk Quotient (RQ)> 1, indicating that there was a possibility of non-carcinogenic health risks. P-value was 0.035, meaning there was relationship between the existence of ventilation with the Risk Quotient (RQ) benzene non-carcinogen in workers. Prevalence Risk (PR) was 9.000, meaning that the absence of ventilation has a risk 9 times greater for the risk of non-carcinogen health effects. Recommendations were by making good ventilation in the workplace and consuming CYP2E1 enzyme contained in cow liver and salmon to lower benzene levels in the body.13.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)624-629
Number of pages6
JournalIndian Journal of Public Health Research and Development
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2018


  • Benzene
  • Risk quotient
  • Shoes home industry
  • Ventilation
  • Workers


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