Ukuran-ukuran Antropometris di Usia 18-21 tahun pada Deuteromalayid dan Mongolid

Myrtati D. Artaria, Herin Setianingsih

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The norm of growth in infants/children/adolescents are closely related to the health status. There is an indication that the norm of growth in Indonesian children are different from international growth reference. Research in adolescents age 18 and above is rarely done in Indonesia. While at the end of bodily growth the sexual dimorphism is more well established, as well as differences between subraces. The data was obtained from anthropometric measurements in students of two universities--Hang Tuah and Airlangga. The samples came from Javanese and Chinese ethnic groups. The Javanese belongs to Deuteromalayid subrace, and the Chinese belong to Mongolid. The measurements were length measurements—height, sitting height, head length, face height, upper face height, nose height; width measurements—shoulder breadth, elbow breadth, knee breadth, head breadth, frontal breadth, nose breadth, cheek breadth, jaw breadth, hip breadth; circumferences—chest circumference and arm circumference; skinfolds—biceps, triceps, subscapular, abdominal; weight, grip strength, and reaction time. Mean and standard deviations were calculated, and ANOVA was utilized to see the significant differences between samples. The results showed that Chinese were significantly different from the the Javanese in several measurements. The adult height of Chinese seemed to be taller as indicated by the females who were closer to the end of their growing time, as compared to the males who experience longer time of growth. Significant differences between the Chinese and Javanese found in head length, head breadth, cheek breadth, face height, and upper-face height. This means that the two samples could be differentiated using those variables.
Original languageMultiple languages
Article number5
Pages (from-to)396 - 419
Number of pages24
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • measurements
  • subrace
  • ethnic
  • Javanese
  • Chinese

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