Thermal spray application on the dissimilar metals weld between aluminum and steel

Zuhri Nurisna, Agus Supriyanto, Nurul Muhayat, Triyono

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Physical and mechanical properties differences between aluminum and steel, especially melting points, make them unable to be welded easily. Moreover, a hard and brittle intermetallic compound (IMC) is always formed at the interface of aluminum and steel. The thermal spray method was proposed to make interlayer for improving fusion and avoiding hard and brittle intermetallic compounds (IMC) at the interface of joined materials. Based on solubility into both steel and aluminum, nickel was chosen as interlayer material. The aim of this research was to investigate the effect of nickel layer thickness and welding variables on the properties of dissimilar metals diffusion welded between steel and aluminum. Nickel was layered into the steel surface using the thermal spray method before the joining process. The nickel interlayer thickness was in the range from 0.2 mm to 1.0 mm. Steel and aluminum were then welded by using the diffusion weld method. The constant pressure of 5 Mpa and constant holding time of 180 s were performed in diffusion welding, while the temperature was varied, i.e. 500oC, 525oC, and 550oC. The thickness of the formed IMC layer increased along with the increase of the diffusion welding temperature. The highest tensile shear strength was obtained by the joint with the welding temperature of 525oC. The nickel interlayer successfully avoided the formation of Fe-Al IMC and formed a stronger and more ductile diffusion area, and thus increased the strength of the steel and aluminum joint.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)27-32
Number of pages6
JournalDefect and Diffusion Forum
Volume402 DDF
Publication statusPublished - 2020
Externally publishedYes
EventInternational Conference on Experimental and Computational Mechanic in Engineering, ICECME 2019, held in Conjunction with 9th AIC 2019 - Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Duration: 18 Sept 201919 Sept 2019


  • Aluminum
  • Diffusion
  • Dissimilar metal weld
  • Nickel interlayer
  • Steel
  • Thermal spray


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