Therapy for patients with asymptomatic and mild cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia

Joni Wahyuhadi, Erwin Astha Triyono, Christijogo Soemartono Waloejo, Agus Harianto, Halim Priyahau Jaya, Fauqa Arinil Aulia, Nalendra Djaya Iswara, M. Arif Harianto, Krisna Murti, Sriyono Sriyono, Ninis Herlina Kiranasari, Nurarifah Destianizar Ali, Michael Austin Pradipta Lusida, Claudia Herda Asyari, Friedrich Rabin Situmorang, Nabilah Nabilah, Muhammad Reza Arifianto, Langgeng Agung Waskito, Makhyan Jibril Al Farabi

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Background: Though coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been designated as a global pandemic, its nature as a viral infection means that it is essentially a self-limiting disease. We studied the application of symptomatic, isolation, relaxation, nutrition and observation (SIRNO) therapy in patients with asymptomatic and mild symptoms of COVID-19 at a rescue hospital in Indonesia. Methods : This is a retrospective cohort study involving 2122 patients who were admitted to Indrapura Field Hospital in Surabaya from 28 May 2020 to 20 September 2020. We analyzed demographic data, clinical signs and symptoms, laboratory data, therapy and clinical outcomes. Result: The total sample of 2122 patients consisted of 1403 male patients (66.12%), and 719 female patients (33.88 %). The most common age range was 26-45 years, at 52.54% (1115 patients). The clinical symptoms of 1121 patients (52.8%) were asymptomatic, 977 patients (46%) had mild symptoms, and 24 patients (0.1%) had moderate symptoms. All patients received the SIRNO therapy method. From a total of 2122 patients, 1930 patients (90.9%) were cured, 181 patients (8.5%) are still being treated, seven patients (0.03%) were referred for indications of desaturation (SpO2 <94%), and four patients (0.01%) were moved to a referral hospital. Until 20 September 2020, the final date studied, there were no patient deaths. Conclusion: The SIRNO method provides excellent results in the management of COVID-19 at a rescue hospital for patients with asymptomatic and mild symptoms. Economic pharmacological research can initiate a follow-up study in order to objectively measure the effectiveness and efficiency of SIRNO treatment methods in patients with asymptomatic, mild symptoms of COVID-19, and the small number of 24 patients (0,.1%) with moderate symptoms.

Original languageEnglish
Article number898
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • COVID-19
  • Isolation
  • Nutrition
  • Observation
  • Relaxation
  • Symptomatic


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