The Tension Between the Digital and the Actual in the Phenomenon of Dr. Tirta in

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The Covid-19 pandemic requires everyone to live in the excitement of the digital world. The critical quality of citizens is shown as the real quality of citizens who are immersed in demagogue-style misleading opinions. The process of digitalization emerges sudden popularity, that the figure of Tirta, who graduated from medical faculty and now run his digital shoe entrepreneurship, has more influential statement than a doctor who is serious about pursuing his job. The effect of Tirta's speech in the digital world is more impactful than the voice of experts. This study aims to 1) describe the presence of a new type of consensus in the digital world that was born during the pandemic, 2) re-analyze the demagogical potential in a democracy consisted in using the democratic perspective by Jacques Rancière. This research used Norman Fairclough's critical discourse analysis method. The data were taken from the online news entitled Cerita Dokter Tirta, Influencer yang Terjun Langsung Lindungi Tenaga Medis dari Covid-19 (The Story of Doctor Tirta, an Influencer Who Directly Involve to Protect Medical Workers from Covid-19). The data were analyzed by applying three-dimensional stages, namely micro, meso, and macro. The results show that Covid-19 has changed social relations only through digital media and produce a demagogic nuance. The society becomes disconnected from their social reality. Critical thinking is lost because of the unsuccessful dissensus. The digital world creates a new consensus that only represents social emotions.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2 Jan 2021


  • demagogue
  • democracy
  • digital
  • Rancière


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