The Aquatic Environment of Bengawan Solo Estuary, Gresik, East Java As the Basis for Fisheries Development

N. N. Dewi, A. S. Mubarak, J. Triastuti, W. Tjahjaningsih, A. Asriansyah, Aiswantari, D. M. Wildan, Lukman

Research output: Contribution to journalConference articlepeer-review


The waters of the Bengawan Solo River estuary have an important role in enriching the waters of north Gresik and its surroundings areas, and become one of the fishing grounds for coastal fish in that region. This study aims to reveal the aquatic environment condition at the area as the basis for fisheries development. The study was carried out bimonthly through water sampling and analysis both in situ and ex situ at 5-8 stations from January to July 2022. Observations were made on water physical parameters (temperature, transparency, and turbidity) and water chemical parameters (pH, salinity, dissolved oxygen-DO, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia and phosphate). Based on analysis on the physical and chemical parameters, it was known that the range (and standard deviation) of waters quality varied, i.e. temperature 28.20-29.80°C (28.91±0.32oC), transparency 5.00-70.00 cm (21.61±16.19 cm), turbidity 5.84-947.00 NTU (324.40±325.80 NTU), pH 5.00-7.30 (6.66±0.45), salinity 0.00-28.00 psu (4.69±8.34 psu), DO 3.65-7.80 mg/l (5.48±1.09 mg/l). The concentration of nitrite, nitrate, ammonia and phosphate were 0.000-0.100 mg/l (0.007±0.021 mg/l), 1.000-5.000 mg/l (2.483±1.430 mg/l), 0.100.-0.600 mg/l (0.193±0.112 mg/l) and 0.100-6.000 mg/l (0.366±0.114 mg/l), respectively. From the analysis of the aquatic environment condition, it can be seen that the waters of the Bengawan Solo estuary are quite good, and suitable for fisheries development.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012005
JournalIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2023
Event1st International Conference on Sustainable Fisheries and Marine, INFISMA 2022 - Tegal, Indonesia
Duration: 5 Aug 20227 Aug 2022


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