Tentang Bagaimana Ajñānaśūra Memaknai "Oṃ Awighnamastu Nama Siddham"

Translated title of the contribution: About How Ajñānaśūra Makes Interpretation on "Oṃ Awighnamastu Nama Siddham"

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The Sanskrit formula “om awighnamastu namassiddham”, literally means 'O let there be no hindrance, and perfectly respect’, is a formula which used commonly as the opening of pre-Islamic Javanese texts. This formula becomes an early prayer when the poets (kawi) or scribes beginning their work, and wish that they will never get any obstacles further. However, Ajñāṇaśūra, one of the characters in tutur text titled Uttaraśabda, gave an interesting explanation about this utterance. His explanation based on three language phenomena, such as (1) seven phrases (sapta bhāṣa) that are antonyms; (2) ten syllables (daśawṛtta) which arrange that utterance; and (3) synonyms (daśanama) for each words. Every unit has its own meaning (according to the author’s understanding), which then elaborated to constitute a logical unity. In this case, a “language game” might have been applied by Ajñāṇaśūra. His explanation had surpassed the literal or “natural” meaning of language. So what he did had qualified one of characteristics of the tutur text: speculation. But the speculation which constructed by him possess any references in the intertextual world, and so his interpretation became directed. This paper will discuss a language act performed by Ajñāṇaśūra.
Translated title of the contributionAbout How Ajñānaśūra Makes Interpretation on "Oṃ Awighnamastu Nama Siddham"
Original languageIndonesian
Title of host publicationProceedings of International Seminar on Transdisciplinary Linguistics (ISTL)
Place of PublicationIndonesia
PublisherDepartment of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia
Number of pages12
ISBN (Electronic)2355-3642 (ISSN)
Publication statusPublished - 21 Nov 2016


  • intertextual
  • language games
  • pre-Islamic Javanese text
  • Sanskrit formula


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