Synthesis, anti-angiogenic activity and prediction toxicity of (E)-3-(3-methoxyphenyl) propenoic acid

Juni Ekowati, Kholis Amalia Nofianti, Maya Nurwartanti Yunita, Iwan Sahrial Hamid, Fitria Dwiningrum, Darwin Ryan Ramadhan, Ghinalya Chalbi Ananda

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Background: Anti-angiogenic medications, one of cancer chemo preventive mechanism were permitted for different cancers. Nevertheless, major primary and secondary resistance obstruct efficacy in several tumor types. Moreover, the improvement of safe and effective NSAIDs for angiogenesis inhibition is compli-cated, because of their serious toxicity. So, we require improving clinically appropriate strategies to boost efficacy of anti-angio-genic drugs with low risk of toxicity. Objectives: The present study aimed to synthesize the (E)-3-(3-methoxyphenyl)propenoic acid (3MPCA), to determine the anti-angiogenic activity and predict its toxicity. Methods: 3MPCA was obtained by Knoevenagel reaction using microwave irradiation at 400 Watt. The anti-angiogenesis experimental was performed using chorioallantois membrane of embryonated chicken eggs induced by b-FGF. The potency of 3MPCA was verified at dosage 30 and 60 ng and compared with celecoxib 60 ng. Toxicity prediction of 3MPCA was performed by ProTox II online program. Results: The results showed that 3MPCA was achieved in good yield (89%). Anti angogenic activity was showed by endothelial cells growth in neovascular capillaries of new blood vessel of chorioallantois membrane of embryonated chicken eggs. The endothelial cells growth decreased until 41.7-83%. The prediction LD50 was 1772mg/kg. Conclusion: (E)-3-(3-methoxyphenyl)propenoic acid can be obtained through Knovenagel reaction using microwave irradiation and it has potential as anti-angiogenesis inhibitor with low toxicity.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2534
JournalJournal of Public Health in Africa
Issue numberS1
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • (E)-3-(3-methoxyphenyl) propenoic acid
  • Anti-angiogenesis
  • Good health and well-being
  • m-methoxy cinnamic acid


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