Samadhining Anglayarakěn Anak Mitra: Antara Lautan dan Pegunungan

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This article describes a manuscript entitled Samadhining Anglayarakěn Anak Mitra (SAAM) that became a part of a compendium manuscript of National Library of Indonesia’s collection with call number L 109 peti 9. This Buda’s manuscript has been included as a part of a Merapi-Merbabu collection. This text also includes some text which came from two traditions that ever had a great influence in Java: Islamic and pre-Islamic traditions. SAAM is a unique text because it was written in the community who live far away from the sea even agrarian, but this text presents an overview about some religious activities related to maritime world. This indicates that the maritime life has affected the structure of their experiences. This article is a preliminary study using philology, codicology, and the interpretation of textual and cultural codes. Through that various approaches, this article explains several things, namely (1) the origin of the text and its materials; (2) the relationship between mountains and maritime religious communities; and (3) the understanding of the text producers community on the maritime world.
Original languageIndonesian
Pages (from-to)41-65
Number of pages24
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • ritual
  • Merapi-Merbabu
  • manuscript

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