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The purpose of pilot test of this research is to test the interaction of loss aversion and information to the decision of risk taking investment. The information obtained by investor was positive or negative determined by the low or high level of risk taking investment. Furthermore, the method of pilot test of this research was experimental laboratory within subject design 22 factorial design. The hypothesis test employed alpha index was meant to determine the low or high risk on the participants taking part. Interaction test employed post hoc with Bonferroni model. The test result of hypothesis from pilot test showed that the participants in the gain domain tended to have lower risk taking than that of in the loss domain. Test result of interaction showed that there were some differences of all treatment groups and there was a significant effect between information in gain domain and loss din to risk taking. Meanwhile, the other result from the interaction of loss aversion and information in both gain and loss domain had significant effect to the risk taking. Moreover, the loss aversion both in gain domain and the loss one did not have a significant effect to the risk taking. The limitation of research post test was dealing with the number of participants that was only eleven. This number was then divided into two groups are gain and loss. However, this research provided some value to investor that in decision making of investment, he had to be capable of managing and controlling some psychological factors dealing with knowledge improvement. The novelty of this research was that decision making of investment was not only influenced by external factor but also the internal one, especially dealing with somebody’s psychology.

Original languageEnglish
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Issue number175
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2020


  • Gain domain
  • Loss domain
  • Pilot test
  • Risk taking


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