In this research, hydrophobic fabric was prepared using TiO 2 and hexadecyl trimethoxysilane (HDTMS). The method of coating was layer by layer. First layer was coated with TiO 2 to increase the roughness and the second layer was coated with HDTMS to increase the hydrophobicity. The fabrics that has been coated TiO 2 has a water contact angle about 54.55°, while the fabric that has been coated HDTMS has a water contact angle about 109.79°. In this research, we studied the influence of deposition time and composition of TiO 2 and HDTMS. The result showed the optimum deposition time of TiO 2 about 60 and 30 min, the optimum concentration of TiO 2 and HDTMS about 0.4 and 0.1 M. This optimum condition exposed the water contact angle 135.93°. Characterization of the hydrophobic fabrics was done using IR-ATR showed the wave number of 667.2 cm -1 and 893.1 cm -1 were Ti-O-Ti and Ti-O-Si bond. The result of separation efficiency hydrophobic fabric of the mixture (cooking oil-water, toluene-water, chloroform-water, and hexane-water) were 93.30%, 84.61%, 61.54%, and 23.07%. The hydrophobic fabric was stable towards ambient temperature till 6 weeks, but unfortunately, it was not stable towards detergent.


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