Aedes sp. is a mosquito that can act as a vector of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF). This mosquito can contain dengue virus (DENV) that comes from the blood of dengue sufferers. Dengue virus consists of 4 types of serotypes, namely DENV-1, DENV-2, DENV-3 and DENV-4. In this report, we observe the existence of Dengue virus in Aedes albopictus from Institute of Tropical Disease’s parking area. Our observation start from mosquito identification, preparation and RNA extraction, RNA purity test by Nanodrop Spectrophotometer, convert RNA become cDNA by Reverse Transcription–Polymerase Chain Reaction, DNA amplification using Polymerase Chain Reaction, electrophoresis, and visualize using UV transilluminator. The mosquitoes that had been collected identified as female Ae. albopictus based on their one thick white line on it’s mesonotum without two curved line and their thread-like antennae, with short and rare hair. Visualization by UV transilluminator present that Ae. albopictus contain DENV-2 dengue virus. In 2013, DENV-3 appeared when DENV-1 become predominant during 2008-2013. It was predicted that DENV-3 would be an outbreak in next year. In fact, it turned out that DENV-3 was really became an outbreak in 2013-2016. It indicated the possibility that DENV-2 we have just discovered could become an outbreak in the future.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S1-S5
JournalEcology, Environment and Conservation
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2020


  • Aedes
  • Dengue virus serotype
  • Endemic area
  • January 2020
  • Surabaya-Indonesia


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