Policy dialogue: Key factors for the success of transit-oriented development infrastructure 3.0 in big cities in Indonesia

Andi Hermansyah, Azhari Aziz Samudra, Evi Satispi

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This research aims to determine the factors driving the success of four large cities in Indonesia in implementing Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) infrastructure policies beyond the eight TOD 3.0 Principles. Only a few studies like this have been conduct ed. The research uses qualitative methods and is supported by in-depth interviews with stakeholders, community leaders, community groups, and service users. The research findings reveal six themes: policy dialogue, organizational structure and coordination, changes in community habits, resources, dissemination and communication, and transportation and connectivity services. The characteristics of the community in the study area that prioritize deliberation are important determinants in policy dialogue and are involved in determining policy formulation. The city government has established a comprehensive organizational and coordination structure for the village and sub-district levels. The Government controls infrastructure development activities, establishes a chain of command and coordination, and encourages people to change their private car usage habits. The city government combines all this with the principle of deliberation and conveys important information to the public. The research highlights the differences in TOD implementation in Indonesia compared to other countries. Specifically, the existence of policy dialogue and the direct involvement of community members influence the level of program policy formulation and are crucial in controlling urban infrastructure development.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3400
JournalJournal of Infrastructure, Policy and Development
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2024
Externally publishedYes


  • deliberation
  • governance
  • government policy
  • information dissemination
  • infrastructure development
  • planning
  • policy dialogue


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