Physical, biological and chemical quality of compost using banana excrescence bioactivator

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Composting is an effort to overcome soil pollution that is caused by waste. Local microorganism (MOL) solvent is useful as a bioactivator for composting. A local material to make MOL is banana excrescence. This study aims to identify the potential of microbes and quality contained in banana excrescences. The local microorganism (MOL) solvent made of banana excrescence as a bioactivator for composting had different concentrations and fermentation period. This study is experimental and used a factorial Randomized Block Design (RBD). The first factor was the concentration of banana excrescence; this study used 2 different concentrations, 150 g and 250 g. The second factor was the fermentation periods, which were 10 days and 20 days. The observed parameters were biological and chemical characteristics. The microbial potential observed in this study was the species and amount of microbes. Meanwhile, the quality of bacteria included pH, temperature, N, P, K, C, and C/N ratio. The data were analyzed using ANOVA. The results show that in terms of physical characteristics, the sample with 250-g concentration was oxidized faster than the 150-gram sample. The microorganisms contained in banana excrescence were Lactobacillus sp., Saccharomyces, and photosynthetic bacteria. The largest bacterial population in the treatment of banana excrescence was Saccharomyces, which was found in the 250-g sample that was fermented for 20 days with 30.5 x 106. The highest pH was 7.1 (250 g, 20 days). The highest temperature was 280C (250 g, 10 days and 20 days). The highest content of organic C was 6.77 (250 g, 20 days), total N was 0.97 (250 g, 10 days), phosphorus was 0.33 (250 g, 10 days), and potassium was 0.74 (150 g, 20 days). The highest C/N ratio was 0.8 (150 g, 20 days).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)104-110
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JournalPollution Research
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • Bioactivator quality
  • Concentration
  • Fermentation period


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