Patency When Grafted to Coronary Stenosis More Than 50% in LIMA-RA-Y Grafts

Alistair G. Royse, Anthony P. Brennan, Zulfayandi Pawanis, David Canty, Colin F. Royse

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Background: Recent coronary surgery practice is to graft arterial conduits to more severely stenosed coronary targets than in the past. We aimed to investigate postoperative arterial graft patency with native coronary stenosis at the time of surgery, using the left internal mammary artery and radial artery (RA) as a composite Y graft (LIMA-RA-Y). In the study timeframe, it was routine clinical practice to graft coronary arteries with >50% stenosis. Methods: Of 464 patients previously reported 1996–1999, 346 who underwent LIMA-RA-Y at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, 76 had postoperative angiograms at the same institution. Each anastomosis was considered separately. For arterial grafts a “string sign” was analysed as being occluded. Predictor of patency was performed with a generalised linear mixed model (GLMM). Results: Seventy-six (76) patients had postoperative angiograms at 5.8±5.4 years (range 0.23–19.4; interquartile range 1.7–10.0) years postoperative; with age at operation 62.5±10.7 years and 3.4±0.8 grafts per patient, 82% were male. Of 256 anastomoses, 230 were to coronary targets >50% stenosis. Overall patency was 84.0% (214/256). For coronary stenosis >50%, patency was 88% (201/230) and varied by coronary territory left anterior descending (LAD) 94% (87/93), circumflex 90% (71/79) and right coronary artery (RCA) 74% (43/58). Interaction for coronary territory was significant (p=0.022). Higher preoperative coronary stenosis predicted higher patency; with odds ratio for improved patency of 1.83 (95% CI 1.51, 2.22), p<0.001 for each 10% increase in stenosis. Conclusions: Late patency of composite arterial grafts is acceptable when grafted to coronary arteries of greater than 50% stenosis.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1101-1107
Number of pages7
JournalHeart Lung and Circulation
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2020


  • Competitive flow
  • Radial artery
  • Y graft, angiography


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