On the Dominant Local Metric Dimension of Corona Product Graphs

Reni Umilasari, Liliek Susilowati, Slamin, Savari Prabhu

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A nontrivial connected graph T which one of the vertex is v, v is said to distinguish two vertex u; t if the distance between v and u is different from v to t, where u,t (Formula Presented) V (T). Metric dimension is one topic in graph theory that uses the concept of distance. Combining the definition of the local metric dimension and dominating set, there is a new term, we called it dominant local metric dimension and symbolized as Ddiml(T). An ordered subset Wl = {w1,w2,…,wn}(Formula Presented)V (T) is called a dominant local resolving set of T if Wl is a local resolving set as well as a dominating set of T. The goal of this paper’s research is to determine precise values of dominant local metric dimension for the corona product graphs. n copies of the graphs P1,P2,…,Pn of P are made to constructed the corona of any two graph T and P. After that, we link the i-th vertex of T to the vertices of Pi, where n is an order of graph T. T corona P is symbolized by T(Formula Presented)P.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberIJAM_52_4_38
JournalIAENG International Journal of Applied Mathematics
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2022


  • Dominating set
  • Local metric dimension.
  • Local resolving set
  • Metric dimension


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