Nano Uncaria gambir as Chemopreventive Agent Against Breast Cancer

Andika Pramudya Wardana, Nanik Siti Aminah, Alfinda Novi Kristanti, Mochamad Zakki Fahmi, Haninda Iffatuz Zahrah, W. Widiyastuti, Hendrix Abdul Ajiz, Ummi Zubaidah, Priangga Adi Wiratama, Yoshiaki Takaya

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Background: Breast cancer is one of the main causes of death in women. Uncaria gambir is an Indonesian herbal plant that can be used as an anti-cancer. However, herbal medicines have low bioavailability, which affects their bioactivity. Nanoencapsulation can increase bioavailability and stability of bioactive compounds in herbal medicines. Purpose: This recent finding tried to unravel anti-cancer and chemopreventive of U. gambir nano-encapsulated by Na-alginate. Study Design: U. gambir bioactive compounds were isolated and characterized using UV–Vis spectrometer, FTIR, NMR and HR-MS. U. gambir extract was nanoencapsulated using Na-alginate. Anti-cancer effect was assessed by MTT assay towards T47D cell. Meanwhile, a chemopreventive analysis was carried out in breast cancer mice-induced benzo[α]pyrene. The healthy mice were divided into 8 groups comprising control and treatment. Results: Elucidation of U. gambir ethyl acetate extract confirmed high catechin content, 89.34% (w/w). Successful nanoencapsulation of U. gambir (G-NPs) was indicated. The particle size of G-NPs was 78.40 ± 12.25 nm. Loading efficiency (LE) and loading amount (LA) of G-NPs were 97.56 ± 0.04% and 32.52 ± 0.01%, respectively. G-NPs had an EC50 value of 10.39 ± 3.50 µg/mL, which was more toxic than the EC50 value of extract towards the T47D cell line. Administration of 200 mg/kg BW G-NPs to mice induced by benzo[α]pyrene exhibited SOD and GSH levels of 13.69 ng/mL and 455.6 ng/mL. In addition, the lowest TNF-α level was 27.96 ng/ mL. A dose of 100 mg/kg BW G-NPs could best increase CAT levels by 7.18 ng/mL. There was no damage or histological abnormalities found in histological analysis of the breast tissue in the group given 200 mg/kg BW G-NPs.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4471-4484
Number of pages14
JournalInternational Journal of Nanomedicine
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • U. gambir
  • breast cancer
  • chemopreventive
  • cytotoxicity
  • nanoencapsulation


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