Chronic high-calorie diet (HCD) combined with physical inactivity promotes obesity and insulin resistance (IR). This study aimed to analyse the comparable effect of moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT) and moderateintensity interval training (MIIT) on visceral fat weight and IR in subjects exposed to HCD. This randomised posttest research used only a control group design with female rats (Wistar norvegicus), 8 weeks old and 100-200 g of bodyweight. They were randomly divided into four groups: standard diet group (C), HCD group (C1), HCD combined with MICT group (C2) and HCD combined with MIIT group (C3). Each group consisted of six rats. HCD consisted of ad libitum standard diet plus dextrose solution by oral gavage for 4 weeks. The MICT was conducted by swimming plus 6% load of body weight for 10 min in the first week, for 20 min in the second week and 30 min in the third and fourth week. The MIIT was conducted by swimming in a ratio between swimming and rest time at 2:1 plus 6% load of BW, performed 5×/week for 4 weeks, and increased progressively. The mean body weight pre-intervention was 152.79±13.280 g and 150.12±9.195 g post-intervention (P=0.115). The mean fasting blood glucose pre-intervention was 79±8.668 mg/dl, and post-intervention 86.29±12.142 mg/dl (P=0.142). The mean visceral fat weight between C (1.94±0.66 g), C1 (1.45±0.47 g), C2 (1.41±0.44 g), and C3 (1.22±0.59 g) was not significant (P=0.179). The mean triglyceride level for C (173.33±30.30 mg/dl), C1 (157.16±47.32 mg/dl), C2 (112.83±25.49 mg/dl), and C3 (80.33±23.47 mg/dl) was significant (P=0.000). The mean IR model for C (4.796±0.070), C1 (4.728±0.125), C2 (4.620±0.123), C3 (4.360±0.143) was significant (P=0.000). In conclusion, both MICT and MIIT have an effect to improve IR and TG. The MIIT was more effective to improve IR compared to MICT in the female rats exposed to an HCD.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)403-411
Number of pages9
JournalComparative Exercise Physiology
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2022


  • continuous training
  • healthy lifestyle
  • insulin resistance
  • interval training
  • triglyceride


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