Insulin like growth factor – I complex of goat seminal plasma increacing the persentage of embrio clevage on the in vitro fertilization process

Suherni Susilowati, Wurlina, I. Dewa Putu Anom Adnyana

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Biomolecularresearchs prove that with addition some seminal plasma’s protein can improve fertilization process, mantain cell survival and has positive act for capacitation process also spermatozoa acrosomal reaction. Protein contains in seminal plasma are Insulin Like Growth Factor-I (IGF –I) Complex. IGF – I Complex is a glycoprotein that consist from molecule combination with molecule weight 85 kDa, binding protein with molecule weight 53 kDa and IGF build complex. Addition protein IGF – I Complex could improve spermatozoa’s motility percentages, beside it also regulate spermatozoa function before and after ejaculation specially increase motility and spermatozoa capacitation. The aim of this research is to increase adult spermatozoa (capacitated) to increase percentages of fertilization in vitro. The benefit of this research is to improve ram’s embryo quality in fertilization media in vitro. Semen with good quality (motility and viability ≥ 70%), 0,5 ml added BO media 1 ml and centrifugated 1800 rpm for 10 minutes. Spermatozoa 3 x 10 6 for be given treatments. Centrifugated spermatozoa divided into 3 group; tube I consists of spermatozoa and BO media; tube II consists of spermatozoa, BO media and IGF-I Complex 12 ng; Tube III consists of spermatozoa and IGF-I Complex 12 ng. Each tube incubated for 15 minutes and observe the motility, viability with eosin negrosin staining, plasma membran integrity and also observation of capacitation and acrosomal reaction with ChlorTetracyclin (CTC). Observation done with flourescent microscope 1000 x. The result are: spermatozoa’s head all fluorscented are the spermatozoa hasn’t capacitated. Spermatozoa’s head upper half fluorscented is the spermatozoa that capacitated for next fertilization in vitro. The result of this research shows that highest motility, viability, plasma membrane intergrity, capacitation percentages and lowest acrosomal reaction from three treatments is in P2. The highest embryo split percentages after fertilization are in P2 group in IGF-I Complex media. In Conclusion, ram’s seminal plasma Insulin Like Growth Factor – I Complex can increase the number of division in fertilization in vitro process.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)451-456
Number of pages6
JournalAdvances in Environmental Biology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2015


  • Goat’s
  • IGF-I complex
  • In vitro fertillization
  • Seminal plasma


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