Information technology units in bachelor degree of library and information science (lIS) curriculum in Indonesia

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The aim of this paper is to discover and describes the type of information technology (IT) units in bachelor degree of LIS education curriculum through the universities' official websites. This paper tries to find out what are the types of IT units in bachelor degree of LIS course in Indonesia. How does it fit the need of the information age? The research method is using curriculum observation through the universities official websites and interviewing some LIS coordinators. The author searched for IT units based on its name, description, and, cluster that available on the curriculum structure, and interviewed some LIS coordinators and lecturers regarding the curriculum structure. Following that, the data is classified into categories and finally each category is discussed. The research finding from 8 universities surveyed shows different portion of IT units. The range of the IT units offered in the curriculum is from 6 to 14 units. This is because each university has specialty that differ from one to another. However, those IT unit titles have similarity such as introduction to basic computer and information technology, information retrieval system, library automation, and digital library and web design. All of the IT units aim to support student skill in IT so they can help them handle the library and information job. This is only preliminary research, and there were still many areas that need to be covered. For further research, the involvement of the LIS course coordinators and IT lecturers is needed to discover and to gain in-depth information about the role of IT units in LIS education.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)269-277
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JournalEducation for Information
Issue number2-4
Publication statusPublished - 2010


  • Indonesia
  • LIS curriculum
  • LIS education
  • curriculum development
  • information technology
  • information technology unit


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