Fulfillment of Facilities for Persons with Disabilities in Taman Bungkul Surabaya

U. D.E. Noviyanti, E. Y. Rinekso, I. Hadi

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Traveling is a right for everyone even though they have special needs, such as people with disabilities. However, until now there are still many facilities that are less accessible for persons with disabilities. Taman Bungkul as an alternative tourist spot in Surabaya must also provide friendly facilities for persons with disabilities. This paper aims to understand the tourism needs of persons with disabilities, to find out the availability of facilities and the efforts made by Taman Bungkul managers in providing facilities for visitors with disabilities. This research uses a qualitative approach. Qualitative data obtained from interviews, observations, and literature studies will be analyzed descriptively qualitatively. So that the research results can be input for stakeholders and tourism destination managers to increase the provision of friendly facilities for people with disabilities. The results showed that persons with disabilities have different definitions related to tourism activities. Taman Bungkul has provided several facilities for persons with disabilities, but it is not fully disability friendly because the conditions of the facilities are not up to standard and are still difficult for persons with disabilities to access. The management of Taman Bungkul continues to make efforts to complete facilities for persons with disabilities but is constrained by several obstacles, namely limited development funds and the absence of a Surabaya City government program that focuses on establishing tourist destinations for people with disabilities.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012048
JournalIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 29 Apr 2021
Event20th Sustainable, Environment and Architecture, SENVAR 2020 - Virtual, Online, Indonesia
Duration: 10 Nov 2020 → …


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