Formulation of peel-off mask containing natural antibacterial: Study on poly vinyl alcohol (pva) and virgin coconut oil (vco) contents

Dewi M. Hariyadi, Isnaeni Isnaeni, Sisunandar Sudarma, Ni Made K. Shandra, Noorma Rosita

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Some natural antibacterials have been investigated widely. Virgin Coconut Oil is one of natural resources which has been known to have antibacterial activity. Lauric acid as main component of VCO has been observed to have antibacterial activity for acne treatment. VCO and the extract have been tested previously for antibacterial activity. This research aims to prepare peel-off mask of VCO kopyor and investigate the effect of PVA and VCO concentration on the physical characteristics. VCO 20% and 30% were formulated containing Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) in various concentrations (8% and 10%). The emulgel peel-off mask was then evaluated for viscosity, pH, drying time, spreadability, particle size and distribution, zeta potential, antibacterial activity, and also stability thermal cycling evaluation at the temperature 40°±2°C and 4°C±2°C in 3 cycles. The selected optimum formula was formula 1 containing 20% of VCO and 8% of PVA. This formula has a pH that is suitable with skin pH 4.5-6.5, had no significant difference in zeta potential, good spreadability, and provided antibacterial activity that had no significance different from other formulas that contain more concentration of VCO and PVA. In Vitro characteristics of peel-off VCO mask demonstrated potential therefore it is recommended for further in vivo study for acne diseases.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)514-518
Number of pages5
JournalTropical Journal of Natural Product Research
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2021


  • Acne Diseases
  • Natural Antibacterial
  • PVA
  • Peel-off Mask
  • VCO


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