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Drug delivery material is one of popular topics of research in this era because the developmet of medicines require a good carrier of the drugs produced and synthesized. However, recent produced capsules were made from animal's extract such as bone or skin that could not be suitable for everyone, especially the ones with animal's meat intolerant. Hard shell capsules were produced from κ-carrageenan-alginate (CA) and κ-carrageenan-starch (CS) of cassava. First order kinetics of salicylamide released from hard shell capsules of CA and CS were determined using the Noyes-Whitney modification equations. The optimum k 1 of gelatin capsules calculated was 0.0108 ppm/min at pH 6.8, CA was 0.0.0493 ppm/min, and CS was 0.0237 ppm/min. This means that CA and CS could be recommended. Further development is needed to produce the best CA and CS capsules as drug delivery material.


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