Effectiveness Of Using The Mc Kinsey 7s Framework Model In Assessing Organizational Performance: A Systematics Review

Achmad Masfi, Tintin Sukartini

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Background: Problem organization is not only a problem individual, however problems many people. Organizations face various related issues and challenges with performance source power people, facilities, infrastructure, targets, technology skills, etc. Method: The study method is Systematic Review. Destination in a study is for knowing the effectiveness of using Model MC Kinsey 7S Framework in evaluating performance organization. Criteria inclusion is article-themed research MC Kinsey 7S Framework model and assessment organization. Whereas criteria exclusion is designed systematic review research, journal no could be accessed in full. Result: Study results journal of 25 journals based on a search using PRISMA 2020 shows that there is something in use McKinsey 7S Framework models that are as method assessment, development, and evaluation something organization. Model MC Kinsey 7S Framework gives an alternative tool for operating and upgrading performance organization. Framework thorough work about how element organization consisting of 7S namely Strategy, Structure, Style, Staff System, Skill, Shared Value, can be used for reach effectiveness organization. Conclusion: Use The Mc Kinsey 7S Framework model can be used in all field good Health, Technology, Communication, Industry, Banking, etc. this model offer a framework for comprehensive work and can aligned to reach effectiveness in something organization so that the use of this model is very effective for evaluating performance organization. Use The Mc Kinsey 7S Framework model can also support SDG's 16 (Sustainable Development Goals) Accountable Institution, where the use of this model aims for development sustainable for the effectiveness of the organization. Evaluate organization for reach target good physical, financial, and benefits for smoothness implementation Duty general government and service society.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)6589-6598
Number of pages10
JournalJournal of Pharmaceutical Negative Results
Publication statusPublished - 2022


  • Accountable Institution
  • Effectiveness Organization
  • Mc Kinsey 7S Framework Model
  • SDG's 16


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