Diabetes dance of Persadia 1 is the evolvement of prior diabetes dance series with aerobic principle and belong to weight bearing exercise with eccentric movement. The aim is to analyze the effect of Diabetes dance of Persadia 1 on blood level of IL-6.16 subjects of healthy housewifes who was participated and divided on 2 groups, exercise group and control group. Exercise group was given with diabetes dance of Persadia 1, 3 times per week, while control group have the unstructured activity. Blood level of IL-6 has been measured from each subject's blood that has taken after 24 hours post single bout exercise (acute-AE) and after repeated exercise (chronic exercise-CE). Paired t-test analysis on both acute (p = 0.674) and chronic (p = 0.949) shows blood level of IL-6 increase on control group post test result, though its not significant, while it has been decrease significantly on exercise group both AE (p = 0.000) and CE (p = 0.000). This happen because the stimulation of endogenous antioxidant production that is gluthatione, thus lowering oxidative stress biomarkers by suppressing H 2 O 2 production, resulting in NFkB inhibition. NFkB inhibition will decrease the production of IL-6 muscle. This study shows that diabetes dance of Persadia 1 is not increasing blood levels of IL-6.

Original languageEnglish
Article number012014
JournalJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 7 Jan 2019
Event5th International Conference on Advanced Molecular Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering 2018, ICAMBBE 2018 - Malang, Indonesia
Duration: 3 Sept 20184 Sept 2018


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