The purpose of this study to determine the factors that influence the attractiveness of the health visit to Surabaya as city-based medical tourism. The research design used in this study is exploratory quantitative approach. In this quantitative approach used method (analyzer) factor analysis and using a questionnaire as a tool to determine the respondent's perception, that there are two groups, the first group is the renderer of services (management of the institution Health Service, the management and employees of hospitals, health centers, and Health Clinic in Surabaya) and the second is the service user (consumer's Hospital and Health Center and Health Clinic).This method is carried out in three stages, the first stage, to determine indicators of factors affecting the health of the appeal of a visit to Surabaya as city-based medical tourism obtained from the process of extracting data through in-depth interviews to both sides of informants in pre eliminary test. The second stage, performed a pre survey of 40 respondents to test the material questionnaire if it is understood, the third phase followed by a structure close-ended-question to 400 respondents consisting of 100 outpatients at the hospital in Surabaya, 100 consumers in Surabaya, and 200 consumers outside Surabaya. The sampling technique was conducted with a purposive non-random sampling. The results of the research shows that there are six factors influencing the attractiveness of health visit to Surabaya as medical tourism-based city. The six factors are Credibility factor of medical team, Quality of service to patient, Technology of medical equipment, Hospital management, Price comparison with benefit, and Communication to patient and family. The credibility of the medical team is the highest factor in influencing the appeal of health visits to Surabaya as a medical tourism-based city, but communication to patients and families is the lowest factor in influencing the appeal of health visits to Surabaya as a medical tourism-based city. The implications, the medical team needs to make improvements in terms of developing a good communication relationship pattern with patients and their families, developing better ethical and empathy attitudes, and prioritizing patient safety so that people are satisfied. The government also needs to involve relevant industries, such as the health industry, the insurance industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the regulators that must be integrated with local / national tourism development programs.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)477-486
Number of pages10
JournalReview of International Geographical Education Online
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • Attraction
  • Factors
  • Health Visiting
  • Medical Tourism


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