Dataset on specific UV absorbances (SUVA254) at stretch components of Perak River basin

Teh Sabariah Binti Abd Manan, Taimur Khan, Wan Hanna Melini Wan Mohtar, Salmia Beddu, Nur Liyana Mohd Kamal, Saba Yavari, Hisyam Jusoh, Sobia Qazi, Siti Khadijah Binti Imam Supaat, Fadzilah Adnan, Abdulnoor A. Ghanim, Sara Yavari, Affiani Machmudah, Armin Rajabi, Mojtaba Porhemmat, Muhammad Irfan, Mohd Tajuddin Abdullah, Elia Syarafina Binti Abdul Shakur

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Perak River basin is in Perak state of Peninsular Malaysia. In this research, the river stretch serves as water intake for domestic, agricultural and industrial purposes in Perak Tengah, Hilir Perak and Manjung regions. It is located in mixed use area whilst exposing the river to anthropogenic elements. The sampling locations were conducted at selected points of Perak River namely Tanjung Belanja Bridge (TBB), Water Treatment Plant Parit (WTPP), Parit Town discharge (PTD), Water Treatment Plant Senin (WTPS) and Water Treatment Plant Kepayang (WTPK). The existence of aromatic hydrocarbons in freshwater samples was pre-assessed via qualification analysis; specific ultraviolet absorbance (SUVA254) method at 254 nm of wavelength. The SUVA dataset were 48.38 L/mg-m (TBB), 50.54 L/mg-m (WTPP), 8.05 L/mg-m (PTD), 85.75 L/mg-m (WTPS) and 217.39 L/mg-m (WTPK). The SUVA254 values of fresh water at the river basin have exceeded the water quality standards value equivalent to 2.0 L/mg-m permitted by the Environmental Protection Agency of United States. The exceeding values were an indication of a large portion of aromatic compounds in the water. Qualification analyses evident the existence of water pollutants at treacherous concentrations for public health in freshwater samples of Perak River basin. Thus, this research has presented important findings towards further research and countermeasure for a better alternative of water treatment in Malaysia.

Original languageEnglish
Article number105518
JournalData in Brief
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2020


  • Mixed use area
  • Perak river basin
  • Specific UV absorbance
  • Total organic carbon
  • Water
  • Water pollutant


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