Correlation between osteopontin promoter gene and fresh semen quality in friesian holstein dairy cows

Tatik Hernawati, Yudit Oktanella, Sri Mulyati, Rimayanti, Tri Wahyu Suprayogi

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This study aims to investigate the polymorphism of osteopontin promoter gene in Holstein Friesian (FH) dairy cows and its correlation with quality of fresh semen in FH dairy cows. The basis determining for osteopontin as the main bio-marker in the determination of male Holstein dairy cow fertility by several previous studies which showed that osteopontin levels in seminal plasma Holstein dairy cows with a good fertility have osteopontin concentrations higher than the low fertility of dairy cows. A total of 14 blood samples taken from Holstein Friesian dairy cows then the DNA extracted and amplified using primers SPP1F and SPP1R. The 306 bp band as a target was detected in all 14 samples then sequenced for analysis of the nucleotide base. The results showed that all samples with low sperm concentration occurred deletion at10080 bp and the transition (G-A) at 10090 bp. The results indicated that this mutation site could be related with the trait susceptibility to sperm concentration. Further studies are needed to address other parameter related to comprehensive sperm quality.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1677-1682
Number of pages6
JournalResearch Journal of Pharmacy and Technology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2019


  • Dairy cows
  • Male fertility
  • Osteopontin
  • Polymorphism


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