Alveolar bone defect is one of the damage to the hard tissues of the oral cavity caused by pathological conditions. The speed of the healing process between connective tissue and bone tissue in the area of bone defect causes soft tissue infiltration in hard tissue and has the potential to inhibit bone formation. This soft tissue-infiltrated bone formation causes changes in the vertical dimensions of bone in the final bone healing outcome. The role of collagen bovine dentine membrane as a barrier to limit the expansion of non-osteogenic cells at the location of bone defects is the basis for its usage in guided bone regeneration methods and promotes osteoblastogenesis by activated BMP2 and Osterix expression on bone healing process as a challenge in bone biology strategy. Demineralized Dentine Material Membrane (DDMM) is a bioresorption barrier membrane, made from bovine dentine waste which is designed as Guided Bone Regeneration. This biomaterial is a Green Economy product by utilizing biological waste, has increased economic value and also a halal properties. The pathway of this step is known as osteoblastogenesis. The purpose of this article review is to describe the role of DDMM as aspects involved in the osteoblastogenesis of bone healing process by activation of BMP2 and Osterix.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)194-197
Number of pages4
JournalMalaysian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2023


  • BMP2
  • Guided Bone regeneration
  • Osterix
  • green economy
  • health
  • human


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