Chromium aluminum carbide as Q-switcher for the near-infrared erbium-doped fiber laser

M. M. Najm, B. Nizamani, P. Zhang, H. Arof, A. S. Al-Hiti, A. H.A. Rosol, M. C. Paul, M. Yasin, S. W. Harun

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In this study, chromium aluminum carbide (Cr2AlC) is reported as a new saturable absorber (SA) to produce nanosecond pulse Q-switched laser. Cr2AlC belongs to the group of MAX-phases materials that have recently emerged as potential SAs in the field of fiber lasers. Here, the Cr2AlC powder was added to polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) liquid solution to prepare a Cr2AlC-PVA thin-film based SA. A small piece of Cr2AlC thin-film was incorporated with an erbium-doped fiber laser (EDFL) cavity to produce Q-switching pulses. The obtained pulses from the Q-switched laser-produced pulse width between 995 ns and 780 ns having a repetition frequency of 108–132 kHz, with a rise in pump power from 117 mW to 167 mW. At 167 mW pump power, the pulse energy and output power obtained to be 9 nJ and 1.134 mW, respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Article number168362
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2022


  • Energy efficiency
  • Erbium-doped fiber
  • Fiber laser
  • Q-switching


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