Character visualization of pycnoscelus sp. (blattodea: Cockroach) in household organic waste composter in surabaya

Moch Affandi, Emilia Anjar Prastiwi, Nindya Ayu Damayanti, Chairunisa Firdaus, Azizah Kusumadewi, Anisa Rahmawati, Puspanjali Prahasto, Audry Putri Kristanti, Alifatus Alkurnia Sukma Firdaus, Hardiansah Pramana Abdilah, Muhammad Arifudin Mubarok, Syahriar Nur Maulana Malik Ibrahim, Nastiti Trikurniadewi, Fatimah, Ni’matuzahroh

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Cockroaches are commonly found and contribute greatly on decomposition process in an organic waste treatment plant. Cockroach characterization is important for identification, while data of Indonesian cockroach visual characters is rare. This study aims to provide information regarding Pycnoscelus cockroaches through character visualization of local household cockroaches in Surabaya. This study was an observational study of cockroaches in the urban organic waste processing plant in Surabaya. Cockroach specimens were obtained by Berlese Funnel extraction method from garbage samples. Character visualization was done using a camera in a mini studio. Morphological characters observed were the body, legs, antennae and mouth. Information provided by this report can complement the availability of basic data on the diversity of Indonesian cockroaches.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)S117-S122
JournalEcology, Environment and Conservation
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2020


  • Household organic waste
  • Morphological characters
  • Pycnoscelus
  • Surabaya


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