Barcodes in naming basic denture for forensic identification needs

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Background: Discipline within Forensic odontology is a part of the science of forensic medicine which recently demonstrated its role in the identification of victims, often confronted with various obstacles, to slow down the investigation of the identity of the victim. There are obstacles in the identification process, partly due to the incomplete identification data that can be collected, so that the identification of the remains becomes difficult and requires a long time to be confirmed despite obtaining good professional management in the identification process. The American Board of Forensic Odontology shows that most identification uses teeth based on restorations, caries, missing teeth and/or prosthetic devices such as removable dentures of the victim. The necessity of naming the removable denture as the data themselves are attached to the patient can facilitate the identification of Purpose: Knowing how to manufacture and benefits of identity with a barcode on the denture in the easy identification of individual Methods: This research was pre-experiment with only posttest design. By using 10 Full Denture samples, the sample collection was obtained from the Lemeshow Formula. The ten research samples were taken by simple random sampling. Conclusion barcode contain identity data embedded in the denture base can be used as labeling on denture users because of their role in knowing the identity of individuals, and hacyl of reading barcodes are not influenced by the length of the base submerged.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)809-813
Number of pages5
JournalIndian Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2020


  • Barcode
  • Denture Base
  • Forensic identification


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