The purpose of this study was to to compare the antibiofim activity of ethanol extract of Abrus precatorius L. roots at various concentrations of the Indonesian isolate of Staphylococcus aureus biofilm. The method used included inhibition test of planktonic bacteria and inhibition test of bacterial biofilm. The variable measured is the optical density (OD) of biofilm formation tested by ELISA reader. Inhibition test of biofilm formation is carried out using the microtiter plate method. The results showed that ethanol extract of A. precatorius L. roots had a significant differences in the inhibitory effect on biofilm formation between treatment group and positive control. The linear regression test showed that antibiofilm activity of ethanol extract of A. precatorius L. roots was slightly stronger on blood MSSA isolate. Therefore, the ethanol extract of A. precatorius L. roots have antibiofilm activity for MSSA isolate.


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