Aluminosilicates Catalysts Synthesis from Low-Grade Indonesian Kaolin for the Acetalization Reaction

Hartati Hartati, Qurrota A’yuni, Nastiti Heru Saputri, Dea Zaqiatul Mardho, Putri Bintang Dea Firda, Hartono Hartono, Hasliza Bahruji, Reva Edra Nugraha, Novia Amalia Sholeha, Didik Prasetyoko

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Aluminosilicate and ZSM-5 catalyst were synthesized from local materials, low-grade Indonesian kaolin. High quartz impurities content in the low-grade kaolin was successfully reduced by the consecutive treatment process including washing, centrifugation, and Fe3+ treatment. All the synthesized catalyst showed mesoporous structure with pore diameter around 3.5 nm. The catalytic activity was investigated in the acetalization of 3,4-dimethoxybenzaldehyde and propylene glycol, then the effect of a different base (TPAOH and NaOH) and Fe3+ addition in the treatment process to the catalytic activity was discussed. The catalytic activity of the aluminosilicate catalyst outperforms the ZSM-5. Interestingly, it is found that the catalytic activity of the catalyst can be enhanced by addition of Fe3+ in the aluminosilicate, with enhanced the conversion from 32.2% to 81.6%, whereas Fe3+ addition to ZSM-5 showed slightly increased conversion value from 0% to 3.65%. All catalysts showed high selectivity of 100% of the reaction product 2-(3,4-dimethoxy-phenyl)-4-methyl-1,3-dioxolane.

Original languageEnglish
Article number122
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2023


  • Fe
  • ZSM-5
  • acetalization
  • aluminosilicate
  • kaolin
  • local materials


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