About Flora and Fauna Names in the Sixteenth Century Javanese Literary Work

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My paper will talk about the names of flora and fauna in Javanese that presented in Gita Sinangsaya, one of literature work which just exist in some palm-leave manuscripts from Mt. Merbabu in Central Java. Those work was be arranged in 1453 in Śaka era or about 1531 C.E. We know the dating of this work from chronogram guna marganira jala bumi (guna as the way of water and soil); guna means three, marga means five, jala means four, and bumi means one. We can occupy Gita Sinangsaya as Middle-Javanese literary work. And also informed that Gita Sinangsaya arrange in Mt. Willis, East Java, in the one of hermitage at there.
The names of flora and fauna in Gita Sinangsaya illustrated linguistic situation from its time. There are many names mentioned. Some of that still known until this time, but some others have not being known. The purpose of my paper is both collecting and identifying those names, and the goal is alphabetical glossary which contains two groups of wordlist: the names of flora and the names of fauna. To identify the names, and also give some explanation about what it is, I will do literary research beside make interview with Javanese speaker in East Java now time who familiar with agricultural living. For literary research, I will use some dictionaries, such as Kawi-Balineesche Nederlansch Woordenboek of H.N. van der Tuuk (1897), Old Javanese-English Dictionary of P.J. Zoetmulder (1982), Baoesastra Djawa of W.J.S. Poerwadarminta (1939), etc. If I feel that dictionaries not enough to give any information about it, I will also compare Gita Sinangsaya with other work, maybe in Javanese or in languages from its surrounding.
Even though my research particularly based on documents from a specific time and place, I wish my paper give some contribution to Javanese lexicography about flora and fauna names. And also, it may worth and useful for the study in the field of historical linguistics in Javanese language.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 7 Jun 2015
EventThe Fifth International Symposium On The Languages Of Java - Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, Bandung, Indonesia
Duration: 6 Jun 20157 Jun 2015


SeminarThe Fifth International Symposium On The Languages Of Java
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  • Javanese
  • flora and fauna names
  • lexicography
  • historical linguistics


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