A Cultural Nursing Care Model to Prevent Preeclampsia in the Provision of Basic Services in Eastern Indonesia

Awatiful Azza, Esti Yunitasari, Mira Triharini, Cipto Susilo, Satriya Pranata, Machmudah Machmudah

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Preeclampsia is a specific multisystemic disorder that appears as a complication of pregnancy, and it is a cause of death for pregnant women. Societies in different countries strongly believe that pregnancy is part of a woman’s nature; therefore, pregnancy is considered a normal event that does not require special treatment. This study aims to develop a cultural care model to prevent preeclampsia through basic services. Research following an explanatory design was conducted on a cross-sectional sample of 150 pregnant women who were selected based on a formula using the range rule of thumb with multistage random sampling at the primary level of service in eastern Indonesia. The researchers used a modified questionnaire on individual factors, social factors, policy factors, religious factors, technological factors, and culture of prevention to predict preeclampsia prevention behaviour. The results of this study reveal that individual factors affect preeclampsia prevention behaviour factors (p = 0.038); social factors affect preeclampsia prevention behaviour factors (p = 0.005), and technological factors have an effect on preeclampsia prevention behaviour factors (p = 0.001). Meanwhile, policy factors and religious factors did not influence preeclampsia prevention behaviour, with p values of 0.735 and 0.596, respectively. Cultural values are values inherent in society that are useful for regulating harmony and balance. The development of a cultural model of preeclampsia prevention through a cultural care model as a basic intervention to care for mothers throughout their pregnancy can increase positive behaviour in society.

Original languageEnglish
Article number#13903
JournalAfrica Journal of Nursing and Midwifery
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • care
  • culturally congruent
  • eclampsia
  • prevention


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