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Period13 Nov 2023

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Media coverage

  • TitleЭксперт подчеркнул важность борьбы с неоколониализмом на саммите АТЭС
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    DescriptionThe expert emphasized the importance of the fight against neocolonialism at the APEC summit

    Expert: Indonesia and the Russian Federation must speak out against neocolonialism at the APEC summit

    MOSCOW, November 13 – PRIME. Indonesia and Russia should take a stand against neo-colonialism and imperialism at the APEC summit in the US by joining forces to de-escalate the conflict in the Middle East, according to international relations expert at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Airlangga University Darono Yakti Probo.

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    “I think that it will be possible for representatives of the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indonesian President Joko Widodo to meet on the sidelines of the APEC summit in San Francisco and repeat the success that the negotiations between the Sukarno administration and Nikita Khrushchev had in the 1960s. Then, during "The Soviet Union, the countries discussed the creation of a new world order and the fight against the consequences of neo-colonialism and imperialism. This should be repeated, but this time in relation to the issue of Palestine," the expert said.

    In addition, Probo emphasized that relations between Russia and Indonesia have improved against the backdrop of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, including due to Russian calls for de-escalation.

    As the expert notes, if Russia and other major players in the political arena supported Jakarta’s calls for assistance to Palestine at the APEC summit, this would have favorable consequences.

    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) is a forum of 21 economies in the Asia-Pacific region for cooperation in the areas of regional trade and investment facilitation and liberalization. The APEC summit began on Saturday November 11 in San Francisco and will last until November 17. This year's event marks the end of the US presidency of the organization.
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